Wednesday, September 3, 2014

what i wore wednesday

Yesterday, I posted a couple photos (below) from my birthday, and a few of you complimented my dress, so I figured I’d throw together a “What I Wore” post featuring the dress :) I bought it for only $17 on Groopdealz a few weeks ago, and I saved it to wear on Sunday. I thought that the top of the dress was white when I ordered it, so I was surprised to find it was actually pale pink when I opened up the package. I really like it though! The material is super soft to the touch, and the high waist is different from every other dress I own.

Dress: Lucy and Lyla, purchased through Groopdealz
Sandals: Crocs Sexi Flip in Espresso

This little guy has to be in the middle of everything Steve and I do—so he insisted on getting his photo taken as well :) He did the elbow pop all on his own. Just imitating Mommy!

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

my birthday

I had a fantastic birthday on Sunday. We woke up to a rainy and dark morning, and got Nolan ready for his very first Sunday School class. He LOVED it! After church, we went to my in-laws for some always-good Subway sandwiches and a strawberry cheesecake made by Alice. My buddy helped me blow out the candles to practice for his upcoming big birthday :) We headed home to relax and (attempt to) nap. Steve outdid himself again with creative and sweet gifts for me :) Before dinner, we went for a drive through the hill country. There was a nice pause in the rain while we posed for a few pictures with the amazing landscape. Later, my mom and Don grilled out for us at their house. My mom made some bright and beautiful milk chocolate cupcakes for me, and before we knew it, the daylight was gone, and it was time to go home and get the boys to bed. Twenty-seven, I’m grateful to see you, and I’m pretty excited for all that’s in store this year :)

I kept listening to Sanctus Real’s song “Lay It Down”, over and over this weekend, and it’s full of wisdom that I’m taking with me into this year.

”But if you smile in face of trivial things,
and you learn to pray when you want to complain,
stand up straight when the earth is shaking,
and just keep breathing when you feel afraid.
Don’t you know
those problems you're worried about?
They can't keep you from living now,
when you shake them off and lay them down
at the cross where your freedom's found.”

Monday, September 1, 2014

our project list

Steve and I seem to always have a long list of projects that need to be done around the house. He has learned so much about remodeling, woodwork, electricity, and even plumbing in recent years, so when I come up with some kind of idea or dream, he responds by “I can do that!” So we’re definitely the couple that starts a million projects, and we get overwhelmed after a while because we can’t always finish them quickly :)

A year ago for my birthday, Steve ordered me a copy of “Young House Love,” but it got lost in the mail :( We got over it after a while and I forgot about it. But yesterday I unwrapped this copy (thanks, Steve!) and I’m super excited because I’m sure it will inspire many upcoming projects!

Last week, I mentioned that we stopped by a 1900 mansion that is being torn down soon. We had the option to buy some inexpensive, beautiful oak flooring for our kitchen and nearby bathroom—so we wanted to find out if there was hardwood underneath the red linoleum before we went out and purchased wood. We were really excited to find some nice wood underneath the bathroom and hallway area! Yay! Unfortunately, we are pretty certain there is no hardwood underneath the kitchen :(

Steve pulled up the linoleum (there ended up being three layers of old flooring to pull up) and scraped/sanded down the old glue mess.

There’s a lot of floor left to sand and then refinish. Since the toilet has leaked and caused water damage to the floor, he’s going to pull it out and fix the issue. The sink will eventually be replaced for a smaller size or corner sink so that everything fits better into the tiny bathroom. Lastly, we’ll update the paint and mirror/vanity.


This is the red floor of the kitchen that we would eventually replace with new wood.

This is our front entryway. I took down an old, dusty lace curtain from the middle window with the promise that I would make a new, more modern curtain. I hope to replace the two side curtains as well. The floor pattern is a bit outdated (as well as peeling in places) and there is (most likely) wood underneath to sand and refinish, of course :)

Another project on our list is to repaint my dresser in our bedroom. It was once my grandma and grandpa’s when they were young, and has been painted many colors in the past. Right now it’s a dark purple that I chose when I was in high school. I’d like it to be something lighter, that would match our bedroom better. :)  PS My dad wrote the “I Love You” for my mom.
A couple of months ago, we started work on updating the attic. Steve and Josh painted it a nice gray color with white trim (it still needs some paint touchups). Steve is also planning on replacing all the door and window trim with “proper” trim—what is there now is hastily cut pieces of wooden paneling. Then we’ll decide how best to use the space!

It’s been a huge goal of mine to organize my craft desk. It is a mess and I can’t wait for some morning when I have a couple of hours to dedicate to the job. I inherited a lot of fabrics recently that will be really fun to sew with someday. :)

Our main bathroom has been under construction since we moved in thirteen months ago. We were able to do a lot of initial work refinishing the floors, tearing out horrible lighting, putting up drywall, painting, etc. Steve recently made and installed most of the trim and base moulding to match the rest of the house. As you can see, there is still some work to be done, and I need to sew a new curtain because it’s just a bath towel hanging in the window right now, haha.

My grandma and grandpa gave me this print a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to get it framed and hung up in our bedroom. Steve knows how to matte paintings and build frames, so we’ll wait until he has time to do it. He bought me a lot of little prints by the same artist for my birthday yesterday and we’ll have to find a place for those because they are wonderful!

Usually I just show you when a room is finished, so I hope you enjoyed this little peek into all that still undone! You’ll find Steve and me praying for more time between work and childcare so we can finish what we’ve started. :)

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Friday, August 29, 2014

friday favorites


F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

1. Day dates with my babies

Steve works ALL day on Thursdays now, so yesterday the boys and I did a little adventuring. We visited a new town, did some window shopping, and sipped on some ice coffee (I did). Nolan broke a toy at one of the stores, so I wasn’t entirely happy with him, but it was fun to be out and about enjoying the nice weather! :)

2. Old Houses 

We have driven past this old house a hundred times in the past few years. Unfortunately, we heard that it’s being knocked down in a couple weeks to build a dollar store :(  It has been on sale for ten years for under $200,000, and no one wanted it! Anyway, we got the chance to go inside, and you would not believe how amazing it was! Ornate fireplaces in every room, 12-foot ceilings, crystal chandeliers, countless bedrooms. All of Steve’s work on his parents’ house has made us super fascinated with the character of old homes :)

3. Wendy’s Strawberry Lemonade

We got a snack at Wendy’s last night, and I haven’t had their lemonade in over a year. But man alive, it’s delicious!

4. Donut Party
Planning has been underway for a few weeks for Nolan’s 3rd birthday party on September 6th! I have a lot of work to do this week to get ready, but I’m super excited!!

Which leads me to #5. My birthday weekend!
Here is me at Nolan’s age. My birthday is Sunday (the 31st), and it falls right in the middle of Labor Day weekend this year. Can’t wait!  (P.S. My hair is in a ponytail here, not super short!)

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!! :)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ephraim at 7 months

Steve and I look at this little guy and marvel at how cute and precious he is! His juicy cheeks, his soft, blondish hair and piercing blue eyes! Even though he’s baby number two, every little stage is still a miracle to us. Watching him grow and develop is so rewarding and fun; I only wish that we could keep him at this sweet baby age forever. He lights up whenever he sees me, and I don’t remember Nolan being quite so smitten with me (he has always been an on-the-go adventurer). Ephraim Luke, you are such a blessing!

7 Month Stats

Weight: 18-19 pounds

Length: Around 26 inches

Eating: He nurses every 3 hours during the day. He has eaten peas, bananas, apples, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and rice. He really loves to eat and gets excited when he sees the jars!

Bedtime: He falls asleep around 9, but is in and out of sleep until midnight.

Awake: He wakes up about once a night, although some nights are definitely better than others :) He likes to sleep in until 9 or 9:30 to make up for his later bedtimes.

Naps: He typically has a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and an early evening nap. It’s easiest to get him to nap when he’s in the Snugli.

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: 9 months

Favorites: Playing on the floor, putting all of Nolan’s toys in his mouth, being held by Mommy, sitting in his highchair, jumping in the Jumperoo. When he gets upset, he has a favorite lullaby that immediately calms him and makes him smile. It is absolutely adorable :)

Latest Tricks: He says “ma ma”!! He also makes a little “boo” sound where he blows air out. He is days away from crawling. He gets up on his chubby little legs and lunges in the direction he wants to go. Somehow he ends up moving backwards. He is very close to sitting up on his own, but he’d rather lay on his tummy and try to crawl.


And for comparison, baby Nolan :)


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