Friday, April 18, 2014

egg decorating ideas

eggsWe are really excited that our nieces are coming from out-of-state today! (They are 2 and 3 years-old, and are Nolan’s best friends.) I bought lots of eggs to decorate with them this weekend.

I’ve only done typical egg-decorating—using the dyes that come in the “Paas” box, and taking a white crayon to write my name or make a design. I’ve been spying these new ideas on Pinterest recently, and I can’t wait to try one or two of them!

Source: Martha Stewart
I am in love with these pretty, glittery eggs. And I like that this tutorial explains how to blow the raw whites & yolk out of the egg so that you only have a shell (and therefore can keep the eggs for more than one year).
Aren’t these adorable? They’re colored with pastel Sharpies (with the detail in Sharpie pens)!! How easy!
Source: oh my little dears
Gorgeous dyed eggs, wrapped in washi tape and lacy ribbon, to be used as placeholders on the table :)

Source: McCormick
I want to run to the store right now to pick up these McCormick neon colors (box of 4). I wonder if they really turn out this bright & vivid!

Source: McCormick
The link will take you to the “recipe” for this marbleized egg—which is 1/4 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon oil, and 4-8 drops of food coloring. (I really want to try this one, but I might have to do it at a separate table from the kids because of the boiling water part.)

Have you tried any of these before? Do they work? Do tell!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

throwback to Easter 1990

I want to share three of my very favorite pictures.

This first photo is my dad, Bruce, with my sister, Hannah (age 6) and me (age 2.5). We’re in our backyard in Chicago on a beautiful Easter morning. We lost my dad about a year later, and Hannah passed away at 17, making these Daddy & daughter photos very rare, and extremely special.

We headed over to my grandparents’ house in Portage, Indiana for dinner and the annual Easter egg hunt. My grandparents would hide numbered eggs—you could only find one egg of each number—so that all of us would get the same amount of eggs, with similar prizes inside.
My grandma liked to line up the six cousins into age order for a photo—we are all about a year apart!
Kara (8), Zac (turning 7), Hannah (6), Lindsay (5), Dayna (turning 4), and me (almost 3).

We had a studio photo taken as well!

Kara owns a clothing shop in Brooklyn, New York.
Zac is married and lives in Indianapolis.
His sister Dayna is married with two little kids in Houston.
And Lindsay (bottom right) is married, lives in Illinois, and just had her first baby in January. Her Tristan is five days older than my Ephraim! :)

I can’t wait for the next time we can be together, since it’s very few and far-between.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

what i wore wednesday

teal pants, white cardigan 
Well, the grass looks much greener than it did last week, and pretty yellow daffodils are sprouting around the perimeters of the house. However, you can’t tell in these photos that it was actually snowing. And it was a balmy 31 degrees in the afternoon sun. :)  We were at least blessed with some 70 degree weather on Sunday and Monday! I had our screen doors open, and I let the warm air breeze through and wake up this old house. I even wore my first skirt of the year, but I’ll have to spread on some self-tanner before I start posting bare legs for “what I wore” haha.

I won the little jade rosette at a Thirty-One party two weeks ago. I knew I had the perfect skinnies to wear with it!

Cardigan: Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan at Target
Gray tee: Merona Vintage V-Neck at Target
Rosette: Thirty-One Gifts
Jeans: a.n.a.
Flats: Kohl’s


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

our family room & easter decor

Welcome to our family room, decorated for Easter!

To start, I want to share that we are renters. Steve is in his fifth year of post-college studies (working hard now on his doctoral dissertation), so we aren’t in our forever-home yet. We moved in last summer, and we are in the unique position that we’re allowed to make changes and updates to the house while we are here to increase the house’s value :) Oh, and it was built in 1920, so it has a TON of character.

I’m linking up with Andrea for the “Come On In” series. I can’t wait to share more of our house over the next several months!

We love these bay windows. They are beautiful when the morning light comes streaming in!

We haven’t done much to this room since we moved in. Steve sanded and refinished the hardwood floors, as he did for the whole house. Last week, he did a little bit of electrical work by the TV. The house still has some knob and tube wiring, so replacing that will be a big job. Someday we will have to give these walls a fresh coat of paint. :)

I cut this fabric bunting from a large piece of white eyelet cotton. I left the strips unfinished to give them a frayed look, and then I tied them onto a piece of jute twine. The white fabric reminds me so much of the Easter story and the linens that Jesus’ body was wrapped in. Peter and another disciple went into the tomb on Easter morning and found the strips of linen lying there, and they then believed that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Pastel Easter candy makes for an easy, colorful display :)
My Christ is Risen free printable 

The paper straws are from Target.

My favorite Easter candy—(extra delicious when baked as Cadbury mini egg blondies!)

I’ve started collecting these white glass pieces from Goodwill. The vases I just picked up on Saturday. :)
Spring has Sprung free print

We have Ephraim’s dresser in the room (and a changing table not pictured). It is SO helpful to be able to change him on first floor. Also, I love how many windows this room has!

We have our DIY Resurrection Eggs displayed on the dresser, as well as a table runner I sewed last year.

  I made some Easter gift bags with these adorable Shabby Chic Bunnies.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour :)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

what’s on: our TV

I’m linking up with Andrea to share “What’s On Your DVR”. We don’t have a DVR, but we’ve got basic cable and sometimes Netflix and Hulu :) Here is the line up of our favorite shows:

Our most favorite show: CASTLE.
Steve and I got into Castle in the middle of the second season (right now it’s in its 6th). We like the murder mystery plotlines (some are written humorously and others very seriously). And watching the Castle & Beckett love story play out is what keeps us coming back every Monday night.

It just ended this spring after 8 seasons. We still have the last two episodes to watch when they come out on Hulu. Steve started watching it on Netflix when Nolan was a newborn while we were up with him at all hours of the night. I would listen to bits and pieces of it, and thought it sounded stupid. But once I started watching it with him, I was hooked :) Gus and Shawn are a really funny duo.

Obviously this soap-opera-like show is a bit far-fetched, and Emily just needs to find some forgiveness in her heart and move on. But I’ve been watching the past three seasons, and I am curious to see how she takes down the Graysons. By my choice of photo, you can see that I’m rooting for her and Jack to get together once and for all. 

i have watched some previous seasons pretty intensely, but right now, I’m only watching Candace Cameron Bure. Love her!!

When I get access to more cable channels, I really like DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES.
This photo was when he visited one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, Tre Kronor (Swedish cuisine) :)


We got into Downton during the third season, and we’ve been crazy about it ever since. Although it’s never been the same after a certain gentleman was written off.

Can you believe there are only three episodes per season? Oyy, the cliffhangers…

I’ve watched every season since Jake Pavelka (minus Juan Pablo, because I didn’t like him at all during Desiree’s season. From what I hear, I didn’t miss anything). I love the point in the season when the girls or guys are quite narrowed down, and they are traveling the world and going on amazing dates.


We watch FRIENDS. Our favorite seasons are the later ones (8, 9, and 10). It’s the only show that makes me literally laugh out loud.

My favorite show ever: GILMORE GIRLS.
I watched GG from the very beginning. I have wonderful memories of watching it in high school and college.



At two and a half, Nolan and George are kindred spirits. Always so curious. . .

When left alone one time with the Kindle, Nolan bought 25 episodes of Max and Ruby off Amazon. He asks for them every day, so it was a good buy!
A cute little show on PBS that involves lots of counting and math. I love the illustrations!

Voiced by Martin Short, the Cat in the Hat teaches Nick and Sally all about nature and different animals. Nolan loves singing “Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure…”


These little boys kept us busy this weekend!

44 45

Thanks for stopping by :)

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